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Got Your Number

by K.G.B.

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jdmomx Because it was one of my first german tapes of real good punk rock
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GOT YOUR NUMBER (T: Koerber/M: Gross) You feel so strong when you wear your combat boots but without your costume who would look at you You dress different from the straights you think you’re so free The truth is that the system’s got your number believe me I try to be me you want us all to be the same You cheat the wrong people no one wins the game Governments and multinationals rob us all blind and laugh while you get pissed out of your mind You slur and you brag ‘bout revolution and punk pretending to be strong you think you’re out in front You put on studs and leather spiking your hair You strut in your costume but you’re going nowhere An evenings concert and after the big brawl When you have enough to drink you give it your all Just hate is not enough you smash up your own scene You gave up long time ago but I still have a dream With friends like you what do I need enemies for Your head’s so full of bullshit there’s room for nothing more You brag and you slur of revolution and punk pretending you’re the rough guy life’s already passed you by
GETTING AWAY WITH MURDER (Koerber/Gross) "I cannot remember it’s been so long ago" but it happens every fucking day the rich men buy the law They legalize their game our freedom’s down the drain Ninehundred-fifty thousand bucks A fat cat pays his man but now he can’t remember what bank-account it’s in Politician in his hand saves him embarrassment Getting Away with murder Two years for a gram of hash five years for a theft but for a man of his prestige a question is too tough The banker and his P.A.C. the whole world in their sack
Last Call 01:15
LAST CALL (T: Koerber/M: Gross) Time is running out can hardly breathe in here People pushing all around closing time is near I have to watch my step stumbling through this bar trying to forget that bottom’s not too far A toast to the past Last call for alcohol before the die is cast The last seven years were obviously too fat When it’s time to pay the bill sign another check Death is knocking at the door the last one to come in No-one here gets out alive One more drink to him
The Fuse 01:49
THE FUSE (T. Koerber/M: Gross) Seconds pass by on the clock the roof about to fall See the eagle on the coin money rules us all Profigangsters suck our blood The arrogance of might Stand to meet your maker on this your final night The fuse has been connected The oceans start to swell We had our chance and blew it Death will toll its bell Seconds pass by on the clock the roof about to fall See the eagle on the coin money rules us all Politics vampire bandits the arrogance of might The horseman grins and smiles on this your final night The fuse has long been lit It’s in our destiny We had our chance but blew it end this insanity
TENTHOUSAND LIGHTYEARS (T: Koerber/ M: Gross) Ten thousand lightyears away from this place science found a similiar race in outer-space Weird strange mutants inhabit this terrain creatures on two legs with an oversized brain In cities like tumors they plan around the clock how to avoid an eventual future-shock They torture, destroy, impoison and kill Some of them live in heaven Some are damned to hell Ten thousand lightyears away from here they lately found life for the first time causing fear There they build there huge satanic domes where they breed their slaves and genetic clones But when they had a closer look at that globe they decided to better not let anybody know They hid their discovery and none of us has heard about it and we keep on living undisturbed
Crutch 02:36
Crutch (T: Koerber/ M: Gross) I wanted action got advice accepted one, you gave it twice Tried to live on the edge of life You take my breath and steel my life Can’t believe you once was hip wornout cheap comicstrip You’re boring like a whitecollar clerk But don’t bore me you stupid jerk Don’t you touch my crutch Don’t you think of me too much I spoil your dreams With punched cigarettes and amphetamines You brought me down for long enough I can do without your love And if my end is near I tell you I don’t fucking fear Your dress and style did once impress But all the rest is gone I guess When at night I wasn’t back you nearly died from a heart attack You do need a Benz to fuck your rich bastard friends I wanna stay I until I die don’t want to be your danger child Don’t you touch my crutch Don’t you think of me too much Act in your own weird way but don’t you try to make me stay You brought me down for long enough I can drown without your love And if my end is there I tell you I don’t fucking care
ALONE TONIGHT (T: Koerber/Gross-Lambrecht) What a drag this place is here I keep on drinking mugs of beer Once again alone tonight I’m uptight, you’re out of sight Suddenly the door swings wide there you are, shining bright My skin pops up you make me wild skip loneliness you are in sight Love’s an injection all too hot role on the floor bad times forgot Sekt ist kaltgestellt komm‘ schenk’ mir deine Welt du und ich hier alles was ich habe schenk’ ich dir You say you don’t want me no more You tell me "go to hell, you bore" Now I’m sick of trying for girly action fed up with frigid nonreaction at least if I stay home alone I know that I won’t be let down Getting off on funny stuff My fantasies might be enough Glowing wild in my mind leaving this damned world behind Sekt ist kaltgestellt mit dir stirbt nicht die Welt du warst zwar lieb zu mir doch ich kann auch ohne dir
(FEAR IN THE) FREE WORLD (T: Koerber/ M: Gross) Where do liars have control Here in the Free World Where does poverty take its toll In the Free World Where do people have the voice Here in the Free World to choose the freedom of no choice In the Free World Computer chips, that take-away How high's the price you pay? Where can custody last for years Here in the Free World Where growing older leads to growing fears In the Free World Where the weak are weeded out and smashed Here in the Free World and where do people mainline cash In the Free World We'll rest well if we ignore what's kept behind closed doors Where have people lost their pride Here in the Free World Shout "Hurray" for the U.S.A. In the Free World Where chemicals are used to numb your brain Here in the Free World But the sideeffects will leave you just the same In the Free World This fallacy will finish when the world bleeds dry what then
Born Blond 02:04
BORN BLOND (T: Koerber/M: Koerber-Gross) Back in May of 45 rings a shot that's kept alive You said there would be no more war Blitzkrieg's gone forever more You can still remember how it was back then But for all that you have learned insanity reigns again We don't want your legacy Damn’it your hypocrisy Tell me what is left for me in good old Germany Millions had to die for the Aryan lie but old notions yesterday have come back to stay Back in May of 45 rings a shot that's kept alive You said there would be no more war Blitzkrieg's gone forever more
M.I.C. 02:03
M.I.C. (T: Koerber/M: Gross) War on the ground, war in the air german weapons everywhere German tanks on their way everywhere in the world today To Iran for Khomeini weapons made in Germany A Messerschmidt-manager grins "We lost the war, but investment wins" So what is going on today Who is the hunter who's to pay It's something you can't run away The bomb is here to stay Pistol plants and luger fiends Mercedes, Krupp and other means Government says: "We need jobs don't care about those third-world-mobs" The western world can't get enough our army trucks have proved their stuff Bullets kill being shot or not others die in a faraway plot War on the ground, war in the air IBM credit-affair The german banks and our cash turn the third world into trash Military and Industry Siemens-know-how, it’s not me M.T.U.-manager grins we lost the war, investment wins
SUMMER SOLSTICE (T: Koerber/M: Gross) It’s finally that time of year twelve o’clock is getting near Laying in the cemetry soon to wake and be set free My bed a coffin wet from rain Nocturnal birds scream out in pain Six feet of earth above my head I crawl up through the mud and leaves A voice calls to raise the dead I gasp and start to breathe Flesh and blood is our wine We dance the graves wide open Moonlight flickers, passing time Until the spell is broken Make your move right now Dust you’ll be soon anyhow Make your move right now Dust you’ll be soon anyhow The cold bones of a time gone by The rats have had their fill Black shadows where the bodies lay The soul you cannot kill It’s finally that time of year...
MAYBE BY TUESDAY (Koerber/Gross) He’s sitting on the stairs so what, he don’t care so pissed can’t even stand his head in his hands A bottle in a sack a fuckedup sorry wreck he tries to make his way Might manage it by Tuesday He gives a casual glance "Hey man, give me a chance help me to the next bar I’m thirsty got no car" I pull him to his feet God, why always me We go out on the town I buy a lot of rounds I feel real done in this asshole gets his second wind Two sweet chicks at the bar I’ve paid for all so far He glances casually asks what’s wrong with me "Don’t shed no tears just order four more beers" I’m sitting all alone looks like today is done So pissed, can’t even stand my head in my hands Given everything away Really down today Like to make my way maybe by Tuesday No-one tells me "Hey man, come with me" I’m sitting all alone No girl no beer no home


1987 saw K.G.B. put out their 1st album in english language. Half of the songs were also released in german, earlier that year (on the so-called “Red Album").
Others were not translatable. The 13-song-disc, (at the end a cover of The Stooges “Search & Destroy”) was intended as a promotional tool for the upcoming coast-to-coast-U.S.-tour with then partners in crime Toxic Reasons from Indianapolis.

recorded live in the practice-room
engineered & produced by: Lampe
Cover Art: Peter Puck
Layout: Hannes Koerber & Steffen Wild & Roman Schoensee
Remaster 2018: Ulrich Reisse-Gross

comes with cover, booklet, video-clips


released July 4, 1989

Hannes Koerber - vocals, guitar
Ulrich Reisse-Gross - guitar, vocals
Lampe - bass
Ralf Wettemann - drums, vocals

Bob Cutler, 01.11.14
Hello Hannes!

You may not remember me, I was from Lawrence Kansas and did sound at a club called The Outhouse. One of my very favorite shows from there was Toxic Reasons, D.O.A. and KGB. in 1987.
I ended up working for and touring with D.O.A. for several years.

Thanks for the great tunes and memories through these years!
I hope to hear them again soon. They are hard to find here.

Cheers! Bob Cutler


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K.G.B. Tübingen, Germany

K.G.B. was founded in 1980.
1987 was their first US-tour from coast to coast, playing with bands such as Circle Jerks, Zero Boys, Rhythm Pigs, Goo Goo Dolls and Bad Brains.
1997-album "Kraut Gringo Blitzkrieg" includes 14 tracks recorded with their friends from Toxic Reasons, Zero Boys and Sloppy Seconds in Indianapolis.
The new Millenium saw a totally renewed K.G.B. with 2005's “Fiesta Fiasko”.
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